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Who I am:

Hi! My name is Dana and I am a school teacher, yoga teacher, and nature enthusiast.  

I first began teaching yoga in my classroom with my little yogi students. Yoga is a gift, and after discovering how beautiful it is to be able to share that gift with others, I decided to register for a yoga teacher training program. I am grateful for the ability to help guide others on the journey to discovering their true inner selves through uniting mind, body, and breath. Alongside my love for yoga is my love for nature. I adore spending time completely immersed in the natural world and receiving all the benefits it has to offer. I believe in the interconnectivity between our physical and spiritual selves and the natural world around us. I love helping others discover their relationship with nature as I have discovered mine. 

My Credentials:

M.A. in Early Childhood, Childhood, and Special Education 

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher


Kids Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Yoga

Shinrin-Yoku/Forest Bathing​​

CPR and First Aid


My Offerings

Group Stretching

Adult Yoga

Vinyasa - a dynamic, flowing series of poses uniting breath with movement. 

Restorative - a passive practice meant to activate the body's complete relaxation response with the support of props. 

Yin - a slow-paced, meditative practice that gently applies pressure to your deep connective tissues. Working on flexibility and the relationship between your mind and body.


Kids Yoga

The kids yoga class I offer is filled with games, songs, stories, and imaginative play that both engage the students and guide them to a mindful, happy, and peaceful attitude!

Pregnancy Yoga

Family Yoga

The family yoga class I offer is a fun and enjoyable movement activity for the whole family! Family yoga can also be a mommy and me class for a mother to bond with her little yogi.


Senior Yoga

The senior yoga class is for anyone 65+ who is looking for some fun, relaxing, and feel-good movement.


Kids Nature Walks

During our nature walks, I will guide your little ones through an exploration of the natural world around us. We will connect positively with nature using all our senses!

Happy Children

Kids Nature Morning

During our nature mornings, we will start with a sharing circle where we'll tap into each one of our senses and discuss what we're noticing all around us. We will then do age-appropriate and nature-focused activities that will be followed by a nature-themed yoga class! We'll conclude our beautiful morning with a sharing circle where we express how we feel, what we've found, and what we like the most about nature!

Image by Marcus Wallis

Conscious Nature Camp

This 6 week summer program will run from July 6th - August 13th. It is a program that teaches children the importance of movement, mindfulness, community, and connection to nature. It will run from 9:00am until 2:00pm Monday through Friday for explorers ages 6-10. The camp will be outdoors daily, rain or shine! We will meet at a different park every week, and for “nature center week” we will meet at a different nature center each day. This program will consist of:

  • Art - we will be using nature as our main medium! 

  • Community building - we will do community services such as picking up litter,  gardening, raising money for a cause, and so much more. 

  • Movement - we will be doing a whole lot of moving together! We will have daily morning yoga, trails to explore, and games to play! 

  • Exploring - we will not only be exploring the wonders of nature but we will also be exploring the wonders of our minds, bodies, and emotions! 

Forest Grass

Shinrin-Yoku / Forest Bath

Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing is a form of nature therapy. When we forest bathe, we take a slow-paced mindful walk with the intention to reconnect with the natural world. Throughout the walk, I will invite you to engage your senses by guiding you through unique activities. After each activity, we come together in a circle to share our nature connection experiences, which in turn strengthens the connectivity and awareness of the group. 

Shinrin-Yoku has been studied and confirmed to have numerous physical and mental benefits including:

  • reduced stress

  • lower cortisol levels

  • reduced blood pressure

  • increased production of disease-fighting Natural Killer (NK) cells

  • increased energy

  • improved sleep and mood



The following class prices (excluding the conscious nature camp) are based on groups of 1 to 5 students. Any additional students will be an extra $10 per student.

Kids Yoga Class

30 minutes : $45

60 minutes : $65

Adult Yoga Class

30 minutes : $60

60 minutes : $80

Family Yoga Class

30 minutes : $50

60 minutes : $75

Senior Yoga Class

30 minutes : $30

60 minutes : $55

Kids Nature Walk

1 hour : $65

Kids Nature Morning

3 hours : $150 

Shinrin-Yoku / Forest Bath

2 hours : $150

Conscious Nature Camp

$350 a week
$2,000 6 weeks


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